Neutral platform for freight forwarders


Our logistic knowledge combined with technological algorithms allows us to offer the best prices in the market, while fulfilling the proposed itineraries

Service Guarantee

Our sales promise is to fulfill the proposed itineraries and prices.

Competitive Rates

Our proprietary algorithims and commercial agreements allow us to offer competitive rates.


Our digital platform allows you to have the information you need at all times.


We have no hidden costs. What we offer is what we will invoice you.

Our agreements with airlines combined with our proprietary algorithms allow us to offer the best rates in the market.

Our prices are 9% below the market average.

We offer a low price guarantee and schedule guarantee once your reservation is made; thus your shipment will never be safer than with Logikoss.

Best Prices

Confirmed Schedule

Instant Quote
That's what it's all about!

Our system lets you know the best choices instantly.

We will always offer you the best options for your shipment.

All you need at origin

We offer you to pickup the merchandise and prepare the necessary documents and paperwork at origin.


We keep you informed at all times about your shipment, taking pictures and videos of it.

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